Here is my latest book, NO, NO, KITTEN! which I am reading to my cat.

But wait!  There's more!  Here is one of my favorites, TAKE CARE, GOOD KNIGHT, as read to my dog, Mikey.

And yes, this was based on a true-life experience.  (However,  no cats were put in cupboards in the writing of this book!)

Yes!  Here is the latest!  Sorry for the long title sequence.  I shall try to repair that in the next few days...

This is filmed in the park right outside of my yard.  We call it the Big Backyard.

Happy Birthday!

 Mikey the Dog makes yet another appearance. He just can't stay away.


Here is the StoryQueen reading from the first Good Knight book, GOOD NIGHT, GOOD KNIGHT.  (Notice the guest appearance from Mikey the Dog.)

You can read along at home, if you like.  Don't forget to ROAR!